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NDC Oslo; day 3

Final day of the conference and there were two interesting talks by Andy Hall, not strictly developer talks but very informative talks about how our brain works and how we can make it work better. Interesting stuff!

On developer side of things it was cool to listen to Jon Galloway as he presented the new bits coming out in VS2013. It can be summed up in three words; one ASP.NET and in nutshell it means that they tweaked it all a bit and made it a lot easier to mix different technologies from ASP.NET stack, such as Web API, MVC etc.

Overall, I can say that NDC is good value for money. This year there is going to be another NDC in London, where N will stand for “New”, that is happening between December 2nd to 6th, and the original NDC is on next June between June 2nd and 6th. Recommended!

NDC Oslo; day 2

Today I attended talks about RequireJS, UX, OAuth2 and JavaScript development done properly. It is amazing how we often don’t apply the same good practices we use when developing in traditional languages to Javascript. But the tools are there, testing and CI is possible and has been for a while.

The talks I most wanted to hear today were about gaming. And they did not disappoint. I am all pumped up to start working on the game idea I had.

And finally I should forget Gojko Adzic talk about impacts. Too often we focus on technical excellence rather than on what is really needed. He pointed out that a lot of metrics we use can be meaningless in some cases and that we should be better at determining what we need to measure. A very entertaining talk too!

NDC Oslo; day 1

NDC Oslo is living up to the expectations so far! Some awesome talks today and this is on a day where I had some difficulties picking what interests me the most. The next two days should only get better as I had no such problems with those two when I looked at the agenda last week. Looking forward to some talks about game programming tomorrow.

Today we had everything. From a talk about drones, lightning talk about cloud controlled plant watering system to enthusiastic descriptions of various  laser pointing devices.

The talk that takes the cake for today must be the drones talk. Turns out, RX extensions for JavaScript are perfect for processing the information from a drone. A hackatonish atmosphere and lots of jokes and laughs. Definitely worth watching again when videos of talks are online.

“Uncle” Bob Martin didn’t dissapoint either as he explained everything about laser pointers. He said something about components too. I think I’ll need to read his “Clean Code” book now. But the book is the next subject of our book club at work anyway. Convenient.

There was a really nice talk about AngularJS basics that helped me understand it a lot better now. Then there were two talks about continuous deployment that didn’t uncover anything surprising but they still provided some good takeaways and a nice talk about Instagram clone written in node.js and using RabbitMQ – interesting from architectural point of view.