OUYA vs Raspberry Pi as a home media center

A lot of people use Raspberry Pi as a media center and I did the same for a while. It worked pretty well in most cases (I used OpenELEC flavour of XBMC), but I kept having WiFi issues. And given that using Ethernet was not an option for me I decided to look elsewhere.

In comes OUYA! The low cost Android bases gaming console can do a pretty good job as a media center too. OUYA comes unlocked, and gaining root access to it is very easy and after installing Google Play on it you have access to a lot more apps, not all of them will work, but a lot of them do. XBMC can do what it does best, play videos from your media server while you can leave the task of accessing Spotify, iView etc to dedicated Android apps which work a lot better than XBMC plugins. Not to mention that it is a lot faster than the Pi!

The only downside (for those who crave it) is limited access to terminal. But you can do that too (within limits) since you can install one of the terminal apps for Android.

The Pi still lives though, but it has been relegated to a small home web server.