WP8 Emulator Weirdness

I bumped into an issue that IMHO shouldn’t be an issue today. Not quite sure if it is related to portable HttpClient library that I am using, but I am going to put it out there is someone else bumps into the same issue.

I am writing a simple NewsBlur client for Windows Phone 8 and my app works well on my device now so I wanted to see how it looks in other resolutions supported by WP8. And to my surprise every request I made through HttpClient library returned status 404. Huh?

Turns out that IE on the emulator isn’t configured when you run the emulator. So when I tapped on IE I was presented with this:


Once I had that out of my way and I tried to run my app again it worked. Huzzah!


The above no longer works. I seem to have bigger issues with the emulator. Sigh… I’ll try┬áre-installing.